Tips to Become a Helicopter Pilot
A pilot can work in several industries. It can be a great career path and can also be a hobby. For a career path, a pilot can work to fulfill several roles such as law enforcement, medical service, executive transport, search and rescue, and agriculture. You may want to learn to fly a helicopter for the love of being in the air. Whatever the reason, you need to undergo education and training to become a helicopter pilot. Below is how you can get to become one. View helicopter pilot blog
First, you must have basic training. For those desiring to venture into it as a hobby, a college degree is not a must-have. However, at least an associated degree may be required if you wish to have it as a career path. The great thing about becoming a helicopter pilot is that it is not necessary that you must have an aviation-related degree, you may be studying physics, mathematics, or a relatable course, and this may do you just fine. There are many universities and colleges where you can get your degree and still graduate with the required licenses and permits to fly a helicopter. The significant point, however, is that you must have the training to get the permissions needed to fly a helicopter. It is just like you need to undergo training to learn how to derive a car and get a driving license. Coaching enables you to know the basic operations of flying a helicopter. It also allows you to understand how to navigate while in the sky so that you do not get lost in the air. There are many other things you will learn when you undergo training, and it is essential. This being the primary requirement, there are different kinds of licenses you can get when you finish training.
One is a private license. This is a requirement for every helicopter pilot. To obtain it, you must be above seventeen years, get an FAA medical certificate, and fulfill the FAA written test. Additionally, you will need to practice your flying, and this is accomplishing in several ways. You need to perform at least three solos, takeoffs, and landings. You will also need to take more than forty hours of flight time, which is made up of ten solo flights.See more on helicopter pilot blog
The other license is the commercial. For this license, you need to be at least eighteen years old and above. You need also must have a private license as well as the FAA medical certificate. Additionally, you need to pass FAA written, oral, and practical tests and have substantial flying time. Some of the flying time need to be one hundred hours as a pilot in command and at least ten hours of solo flight. Besides that, you will need to finish twenty hours of dual flight training.
Lastly, you need to have the required finances to undergo the training to become a pilot. If funds are a soft spot for you, you can get financial aid opportunities such as scholarships, a loan from institutions, and help from family and friends.